Mr. Christopher M. Snyder
Woodstown Middle School
15 Lincoln Avenue
Woodstown, NJ  08098
Contact Information:
856-769-0144 x 77238
Fax:  856-769-3872Christopher Snyder
I would like to thank you for visiting this site as I believe that communication is the most effective 
means to understanding. I believe that the more information that you have available the more you
will be able to better prepare your son or daughter for their middle school experience and beyond.

Some suggestions for our parents/guardians as your child enters into Woodstown Middle School:

Take the time to read our Student Handbook cover to cover.  
One of the most encompassing parts of my job is explaining to parents the different aspects of the rule
book that affect your child. 

Sit down with your child and go over some of the biggest
changes from elementary to middle school.

It only makes it that much easier for them throughout the year.  

Get your child involved in as many activities as possible. 
There are a variety of clubs, activities and athletics for your child to participate in and it is suggested that you look into as many of them as possible.  Contact our Guidance department for more information.  
Keep yourself informed of your child's progress in our school. 
Visit our website, use Power School on a daily if not weekly basis, maintain contact with your child's teachers and get involved by serving on any of our committees. Look for our Facebook (, follow us @WMS_Wolverines, and on Instagram at WMS_Wolverines. These are just a few of the ways that you can ensure the success of your child while at Woodstown Middle School.  Please do not hesitate to contact our office to answer any of your questions.  I look forward to another year of exciting possibilities and hope that you will invest your time with us.