BOE 2012 Picture

Front Row: Frank Rizzo, School Business Administrator/Board Secretary; Doug Painter, Vice President; 
Chapman Vail, President; Thomas A. Coleman, Jr., Superintendent of Schools.
Back Row: Kevin Crouch (former member); Mark Kelty (former member); Veronica (Ronny) Merriel; George H. Rey, IV; Eileen C. Miller; Richard Morris, Jr.
Not Pictured: Darleen Garecht; Hue Grant; Robert Iocona; Judy Morgan; Valerie Spence-Lacy.

Chapman Vail
Woodstown Borough
Doug Painter
Vice President
Pilesgrove Township
Darleen Garecht
Pilesgrove Township
Hue Grant
Pilesgrove Township
Robert Iocona
Woodstown Borough
Eileen C. Miller
Woodstown Borough
 Judy Morgan
Pilesgrove Township
George H. Rey, IV
Pilesgrove Township
Valerie Spence-Lacy
Woodstown Borough
Sending District Representatives
Richard Morris, Jr.
Alloway Township
Veronica (Ronny) Merriel
Upper Pittsgrove Township


The Woodstown-Pilesgrove Regional School District, a collaborative partnership and educational leader, provides a secure, supportive environment with high quality resources to challenge and empower each individual to pursue his/her potential, to develop a passion for learning in a diverse and changing world, and to reach a high standard of achievement as defined by the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards at all grade levels.