Educational Programs Committee 

  1. Develop and implement a plan for updating and aligning district curriculum to the Common Core Standards. This will be accomplished through increased cross-curricular and subject area articulation utilizing enhanced planning, collaboration, and data collection.  (This is a multiple year goal, which will be implemented in phases with projected yearly outcomes.)

Personnel Committee 

  1. Increase the contributions and participation of area team leaders and building principals in their role as instructional leaders to enhance vertical and horizontal articulation to support the alignment of the district curriculum to the Common Core Standards.

Finance/Facilities Committee 

  1. See to the successful implementation of the Referendum II District Buildings Renovation Plan in a manner that is on schedule and least intrusive to the operation of the school buildings.
  2. Continue to research and promote additional revenue sources in the form of exploring additional revenue from sending/receiving relationships, marketing the non-resident tuition revenue participation program, and research and apply for grant funding, in addition to continuing to seek cost savings within our current fiscal operations.