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100 Years  
Celebrating 100 Years 
At the Board Meeting held on September 25, 2014, the Early Childhood Learning Center was renamed to 
The William Roper Early Childhood Learning Center
Mr. Roper served as the first principal of both the Mary S. Shoemaker (Grades K-2) and Woodstown Elementary School (Grades 3-8).  He served as the principal for grades 3-6 for 14 years before the hiring of Bill Stanwood as principal of the Woodstown Middle School.  Mr. Roper continued to serve as the principal of Mary S. Shoemaker until his retirement in 1987.  He remains involved in the educational process.  He has dedicated his life's work to educating young people, working to ensure that the youngest of our students get off to a good start….
It is therefore fitting that a building dedicated to that same cause bear his name.
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Mrs. Nannette Hathaway
District Anti-Bullying Coordinator
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ECLC Anti-Bullying Specialist
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Early Childhood Learning Center 
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