• Michael T. Hartman

     My name is Michael Hartman and I have been teaching at Woodstown High School since 1983. Over the years I have taught Wood Shop, Drafting, Intro to and Technology, Video Productions, Home Maintenance, Metal Shop and the Communications Academy. I spent over 15 years coaching Football, Baseball and Basketball at WHS. I am the advisor for the Video Communications Club along with Mr. Paul Kranz .
    I have also coached at the other Salem County High Schools. I have been teaching Drafting for the Glassblowers at Salem Community College for the last 17 years. I also run a small Video Productions company. These things allow me to keep my skills up to date for teaching. 
    You can reach me at: hartman.m@woodstown.org
    My  schedule this year is as follows:
    Period 1     Communications Academy III
    Period 2     Communications Academy III
    Period 3     Woods I
    Period 4     Woods II & III
    Period 5     Lunch
    Period 6     Woods I & IV
    Period 7     Plan
    Period 8     Woods I
    Period 9     Woods II & III