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    This is the place to discover what goes on in my Mary Shoemaker world.
    Get ready to travel with me. As a co-teacher and an in-class resource teacher, I have definitely learned to be mobile.
    Since 2002, I've worked in the Woodstown schools, grades 5 through 8, in all subject areas. For many years, I helped 5th graders transition from elementary to middle school (that was when the 5th grade was part of the Middle School!). I briefly explored the 6th grade, resided in the 7th grade for several years, ventured into the 8th grade, and returned to the 6th grade for a bit, all before becoming a member of the Mary S. Shoemaker team in 2020. Whew! Of course, Covid-19 created additional changes last year--virtual instruction, 5th grade, 4th grade, Achieve, and more. 
    It does not really matter where I am, I enjoy teaching here at Woodstown, and I am always ready for another adventure.
    My home for the 2021-22 school year is in the 3rd grade, where I am excited to be working with Mrs. Vilary, the 3rd grade team, and most of all, my 3rd grade students. As always, I look forward to new discoveries and opportunities during the school year. Join me as we explore, and enjoy learning. I hope to see you on our journey.  
    I will miss you all!
    Feel free to browse around and become educated in the MSS world. Enjoy! 
    We are the Wolverines!    Go Wolverines!