• Welcome to Mr. O'Brien's Web Page
    This is my 13th year teaching at Woodstown High School.  I teach AP Calculus, Calculus, Honors PreCalculus, and Accelerated Algebra II.  Before switching to a career in teaching, I worked as a Civil Engineer.    I am also the head coach of the Girls Cross Country team.  You can find links to each of my Google Classrooms for the 2023-24 school year below.  You can reach me through email at o'brien.j@woodstown.org, don't forget the apostrophe in the email address. 
    1st Period - Accelerated Algebra II - yutykns
    3rd Period - Honors PreCalculus - oezwpaz 
    4th Period - Calculus - d3oj4gs
    6th/7th Period - AP Calculus - yienkxe
    8th Period - Honors PreCalculus - zy7cakj