Please click the link above to view the 2016-2017 School District Goals and the corresponding action plan(s) for each as approved by the Board of Education on August 25, 2016.  The goals are also listed below for a quick view.
    Educational Programs Committee 

    1. Continue to align instruction and planning of all teachers with the Common Core State Standards and New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards.
    2. Continue the development and implementation of initiatives that reinforce the use of technology as a tool for data management, instructional planning, and assessment.

     Policy Committee

    1.  Create a five-year strategic plan.
    Personnel Committee 

    1. Develop a strategy to increase diversity awareness to better address the increasing needs of a more diverse population through community engagement, staff training, and increasing minority staff in our certificated positions.    

    Finance/Facilities Committee 

    1. Continue to drive the second phase of the referendum projects.  Complete the current projects in progress and plan for the final summer of projects in 2017.
    2. Continue to investigate and implement new sources of revenue to supplement the general fund as well as the enterprise fund.  In addition to the new revenue sources, search for cost savings within existing district expenditures to benefit the general fund.