• Chemistry 5362 - Academic Chemistry

    Mr. Rickard 


    Welcome to the homepage for Mr. Rickard's Chemistry 5362 classes.  As the year progresses this web page will host a variety of resources and links relating to chemistry.  It will also be the place to find the class syllabus, class rules, assignment sheets, presentations, and a variety of other information.  Check back regularly for updates and special notices.
    Academic Chemistry may be may favorite class to teach. Over the past years, I've taught around 400 students how to hopefully not blow themselves up by accident. I do my best to overcome the stereotype that "Chemistry is hard." I think students tend to underestimate themselves when it comes to chemistry. Chemistry is a part of everyone's life and I think everyone can and should take it before they graduate from high school.

    Textbook is once again available


     NOTE:  Right click on a PC or control click on a Mac to download.  It is a big file (78MB) so it may take a few minutes to download. 
  • Welcome Back

    The best part of starting off a new year in academic chemistry for Mr. Rickard is that academic chemistry doesn't have any summer homework.  We've got a lot to cover this year so hopefully each and every student is ready to go.  The more we can cover, the more really fun things we will get to do during the year.
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  • Attention Parents

    If you haven't seen the class sheet for chemistry with the grading scale and class rules, be sure to ask your student about it.  Getting you to sign it is one of the first assignments of the year.  Help get your student off to a good start.
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