Choose the Month and Year from the drop-down menus, then hit "Filter". Click on the assignment for instructions on that assignment. 

    Homework assignments will be posted on my web page, as well as the district web page.
    Homework assignments will also be written on the board daily and shared in Google Classroom. However, I will also be using REMIND for homework assignments as well as the above stated resources.
    Remind is set up so that you and/or your parents can receive "reminder texts" about upcoming events and/or homework assignments. 
    Click on the correct link below to see a PDF of instructions:
    A-1 = @d77773
    A-2 = @24f8f4a
    A-3 = @a3soci
    A-4 = @cceaa7
    Click on the links below according to what period you are in 7th Grade 
    Studies. For example, if you are in Academic 1, you will click on the Academic 1 link to take you to Google Classroom to join. The codes to join are as follows:

    Academic 1 = jkqxq2n
    Academic 2 = f3g7ymt
    Academic 3 = eycqjqb
    Academic 4 = qwex6yu

    1. Have a set time to do your homework (if possible). For example, as soon as you get home from school or right after dinner.
    2. Do your homework in a well-lit area with a table/desk. (Don't do your homework lying on your bed or reclining in a chair.)
    3. Eliminate all distractions. (Turn off T.V., close windows if outside noises are loud)
    4. PARENTS: Assist your child ONLY by CLARIFYING a question they may have. DON'T GIVE THE ANSWER. Help them to learn to figure it out for themselves.