• Academic Biology
    Grade - 9-10 
    Credits - 6
    Students are introduced to the unique properties of living organisms that set them apart from non-living ones. Molecular and cellular biology provide a background for concepts of reproduction and genetics. Microbiology, multicellular plants, invertebrate animal life, the vertebrate animals, and human biology follow in logical sequence. Critical thinking involves students in utilizing the steps of the scientific method in the completion of laboratory reports and projects. An on-line textbook will be used in this course.

    Honors Biology
    Grade - 9-10 
    Credits - 6
    Prerequisite: “A or B” average in the previous level honors course, or an “A” in the previous academic level course. In some cases standardized test scores will be considered. A summer assignment will be required.
    Honors Biology is an accelerated, in-depth study of life and living things, their structures and functions, systems and processes in relation to their environment. Specific topics include an inquiry into the nature of life, basic chemistry and biochemistry, energy transformations, and biological systems and processes. Each marking period will require a major project involving independent research and readings of scientific journals. A major part of the course is a two period weekly laboratory investigation. Students will be required to perform investigations and complete laboratory reports. Minimum proficiencies, which students must master to receive credit for this course, are:
    1. To apply concepts of cell biology, genetics, and evolution to an understanding of the life process.
    2. To list and explain the six kingdoms of living things.
    3. To relate diversity of organisms to successful survival.
    4. To write in-depth laboratory reports that deal heavily in the analysis and evaluation of results using the basic components of the scientific method.
    5. To describe the interrelationships between living things in their environment.
    All students taking this course will be required to complete a science fair project. An on-line textbook will be used in this course.