• Woodstown High School

    Driver Education

    Course Overview


    Course Purpose: The purpose of this course is to inform young adults about the rules, regulations and

          responsibilities that go with driving.

    Topics covered: 

    ·      How to get a driver license – GDL process and road test

    ·      Driver safety – seat belts / airbags / car conditions / car seats

    ·      Rules and regulations when driving - driving laws

    ·      Defensive driving techniques and basic driving skills

    ·      Driving penalties – DUI penalties / moving violations / NJ point system

    ·      How alcohol and drugs will affect your driving.

    ·      Sharing the roadway with others – pedestrian / motorcycles / trucks / animals

    ·      Vehicle information and getting to know your car

    ·      Understanding road signs, pavement markings and traffic control devices

    ·      Driving emergency and avoiding accidents


    New Jersey Driver’s Manual            


    Course Activities: A variety of activities are used to aid student learning:

    Rules of the Road                  Class discussion                      Current events                       

    Group activities                      Chapter study guides              Driving observations

    Laptop assignments                Tests and quizzes                   Videos                        


    Course Projects: 

    Projects will be assigned during the marking period in order to provide students with a more in-depth knowledge of some area of Driver Education.  The theme and method of presentation are described on the back of this handout. 


    Missed Work:

    An assignment missed due to an absence is the student's responsibility to make-up. The student is responsible for completing the work within three days of returning to school. 





    Projects / Homework 


    NJ State Exam 


    Notebook will include:

    ·      Study guides   Rules of the Road       Current event articles            

    ·      Handouts        Tests                           Quizzes




    Behind-the-wheel training and permit process:


    You must be 16 years of age to be eligible for a GDL Permit.

    You must complete the classroom Driver Education course, so you can graduate High School!!

    You must pass the NJ State written examination with an 80% or better.

    You must enroll in a private driving school program or enroll in the Woodstown Community School Program offered from June to September. Private driving schools are listed on the back of this page:


          Private driving school programs

    Harper Driving School               589-8800

    Riverview Driving School          678-4007        

    Rusty Driving School                   800-555-0405

    Safeway Driving School             888-390-7233

    Once you have enrolled in the driving school, you will be required to show your original birth certificate and social security card to the MVC with your permit application. The application process is done by the private driving school or Woodstown H.S.


    Once the GDL permit application is complete, you are required to drive 6 hours behind-the-wheel with a driving school instructor.


    When you have completed the 6 hours of training, the GDL permit will be validated for practice driving by the driving school instructor and the MVC.


    Remember…..All students must have a permit for 6 months of supervised driving before they are eligible for a provisional driver’s licenses.