Woodstown High School Physical Education Guidelines


    ·       Students will achieve total wellness and a lifetime commitment to being healthy.



    ·       PE Goal 1: PARTICIPATION - We want students involved 

    ·       PE Goal 2: KNOWLEDGE – We want students to gain knowledge of each physical activity

    ·       PE Goal 3: COMMUNICATION  - We want students to improve on communication and self-expression.

    ·       PE Goal 4: LIFETIME HABITS – We want students to enjoy physical activity and achieve total wellness.



    ·       Preparation

    ·       Attitude and effort 

    ·       Class participation

    ·       Skill observation / Written test 


    Blue mesh gym shorts and orange t-shirt “Woodstown Physical Education Department logo”

    Sweats, warm-ups in cooler weather (uniform must be worn under sweats)

    Socks and sneakers 


    Lockers can only be used during the PE period. 

    All locks must be removed at the end of the period.

    It is required that all valuables be locked in the locker.



    Students must come to class on time.

    Students who are late to squad lines impact the entire class. 

    Late student will lose five points from his/her participation grade.

    At the end of class, students must remain in the locker room until the bell rings.


    ·       No student wearing jewelry of any kind will be permitted to participate in class. 

    ·       Covering jewelry with tape or band- aids will not make an exception to the rule.

    ·       Consider getting new piercings over the summer or while you are in Health.


    • Temporary medical excuses for illness are issued from the nurse for 1–3 days with a note
    • Excuses for 4 or more days require a doctor’s note. 
    • Students will be required to complete an assignment when medically excused.


    • No cell phones/ headphones/I pods during class
    • No food/drink/gum in the gymnasium
    • Behavior that could interfere with student learning will not be tolerated.