• WHS Concert Choir (Choir 2) is a "group within a group", essentially a sub-set of the full WHS Chorus.

    WHS has two choir sections during the day, Choir 1 and Choir 2. Students in Choir 2 perform as the WHS Concert Choir.
    All of the students from both periods also combine and perform as the full WHS Chorus.

    Students can be placed in Concert Choir (Choir 2) by director recommendation or audition. 

    CLICK HERE for a sample recording of an audition.  Concert Choir auditions are to be recorded and emailed to Mr. Gunther at gunther.k@woodstown.org. 

    1. A low scale sung on the syllable 'ah', showing the lower comfortable portion of your vocal range. Your range is not being evaluated here, just your tone and intonation in your lower register. 
    2. A high scale sung on the syllable 'ah', showing the higher comfortable portion of your vocal range. Your range is not being evaluated here, just your tone and intonation in your upper register. 
    3. A short song excerpt, 30 to 60 seconds in length. Please pick a slow, melodic piece of music that shows the quality of your voice. Some examples include: America, Silent Night, Amazing Grace, Dona Nobis Pacem and God Bless America. For the solo, we are interested in hearing the quality of your tone, how well you sing in tune and your musicianship (such things as breathing, diction, phrasing and dynamics). So please, choose a piece of music that is comfortable for you to sing.

    If you have already signed up for Choir 1, Mr. Gunther will contact the guidance department and change your course selection to Choir 2 if you are accepted. 

    WHS Chamber Choir is an extra-curricular choir that meets on Monday evenings. Participation is by audition only.  

    CLICK HERE for the audition packet and practice tracks.

    Chamber Choir auditions must be completed in person. Audition dates are announced each year. For more information, see Mr. Gunther or one of the section leaders.