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    Shared Reading/Language Arts
       In first grade, the children will engage in both a shared and guided reading environment.  This is called Balanced Literacy. During our shared reading time, the children will be reading stories and books in whole and small groups. These stories and books are mostly on grade level, although we do read some texts below and above the children’s reading levels too. We will be using a variety of texts to practice reading, fluency, phonics, and comprehension skills during Shared Reading time.  Our primary resource for Language Arts is the ReadyGen curriculum.

     Read to Succeed

        Read to Succeed is the time where the children are grouped together to read and respond to literature at their own particular reading level.  The children will be moving around the school to meet with their reading teacher.   As they progress they may change teachers or reading groups. It is during this time that we focus on independent reading levels and challenge the students with books they should be able to read independently. This is also the time where we challenge our excelling readers above and beyond and help our struggling readers get the small group assistance they need to move forward.  My Read to Succeed group will be learning the rules of encoding and decoding the English language using the Fundations program.  This is a sequential, multi-sensory, research-based program that has proven to be successful in providing the tools to our students to help them become fluent readers.



        Our district follows the Common Core Standards to guide classroom instruction. This guides us to the math skills and strategies that our students need to be proficient for the next grade level. Our main resource for our math curriculum is the Envisions program.  We use it for a majority of our lessons. We strive to incorporate technology and small group work into our daily lessons.  In addition, the children review current and previously learned math skills during our math center time.  



         The children will be writing in their writing journals and doing topic writing throughout the year. Our focus this year will be on 3 three main writing topics: opinion pieces, informational texts and personal narratives. We will be teaching the process of writing, by using: thinking skills, brainstorming, webbing, writing, editing, correcting, and writing and/or typing a final draft.  Students will also practice organizing their thoughts before writing.  



         We will be working on many hands-on science units this year.  Our new science curriculum is based on the Next Generation science standards.  The main focuses of study in first grade science are plants, sound and sky patterns.
    Social Studies

           Our yearlong first grade theme for Social Studies is Community.  Our discussions revolve around family, community/state, people at work, natural resources as well as special events / celebrations in America.




         We will continue using the iPads and Chromebooks this year! The children are extremely excited to use this technology to enhance their learning. Mr. Morgan, our STELLAR teacher will be teaching the students how to use technology to research topics using the internet, use a variety of apps to organize and present the information.