•  Road trip in Art!              
       The best way for children to understand and appreciate other people is to learn about different cultures and traditions from around the world.  Creating multicultural art projects provides a hand on experience for your child to learn about countries as well as develop and appreciation and respect for different cultures.  Some of the projects are based on art forms or crafts from a particular culture while others are inspired by the country's geography or an artists. 
       This year all of our students in the Mary S. Shoemaker School will be creating arts and crafts relating to many different masters in art!  A few of the subjects we will be studying might include Landscapes, Still lifes and possibly Animal studies as too.  There are many more projects but I want you all to be surprised at our annual art show in May. Please check the school calendar for the date.  I hope you enjoy your child's Star Master experience in art this year as much as I will. 
     sun flower