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    We use a variety of youtube media in our teaching units which give our students experiences for language enrichment and movement breaks.


    Youtube Kids





     Skill: Shape Recognition and Review
    • DTT Shapes
    • Tiny Hands
    • Learn Shapes
    • Doodle Math 2

    Skill: Number Recognition and Review

    • DTT Numbers
    • Tally Tots
    • Dot2Dot

    Skill: Color Recognition and Review

    • DTT Colors
    • Music Color
    • Color Slapps

    Skill Letter Recognition and Review

    • DTT Letters
    • Alpha Tots

    Skill: Vocabulary Enrichment

    • DTT People
    • DTT Animals
    • Peekaboo Barn
    • Beck and Bo
    • Sound Touch
    • Tell Me About It
    • See Touch Learn

    Skill: Fine Motor and Perception

    • Busy Shapes
    • Bugs and Buttons
    • Mr. Potato Head

    Skill: Writing Practice

    • Ready to Print
    • Rainbow Draw
    • Letter School
    • Doodle Buddy
    • Writing Wizard