• District Diagnostic and Benchmark Assessments

    i-Ready: i-Ready is a K-8 adaptive diagnostic assessment and individualized learning path used in district for K-8 students in both Reading and Math. Each year, students will take an initial diagnostic assessment that adapts to their individual skill level as they move through the assessment questions. Data is then created indicating where each individual student is in their learning in reading and math. From that initial data, a learning path is created that is individualized for each students' specific needs. It is recommended that for students to achieve measurable growth each year, that they spend 30-45 minutes each week on their learning path in both reading and math, and teachers have made time for this in their daily schedules. Throughout the school year, students will take an i-Ready diagnostic assessment two more times, once in the winter and once in the spring, and their growth will be measured. Their individual learning path is also automatically adjusted based on their performance on each diagnostic. For more information on i-Ready, click here.


    LinkIt!: LinkIt is a benchmark assessment program for both literacy and math used in district in grades 3-12. It works as a predictor for student performance on standardized assessments, such as the NJSLA, which students take each year in grades 3-11 for ELA, math and science. The LinkIt benchmark assessments are not adaptive- each student receives the same test that measures their grasp of grade level learning standards at three points throughout the year. These benchmark assessments provide valuable information not only on where students are in their learning, but also to inform our district curriculum, instruction and assessments. For more information on LinkIt!, click here.


    State Standardized Assessments

    In New Jersey, students take standardized assessments each year in grades 3-11 in ELA, math and science. These assessments are called the NJSLA (New Jersey Student Learning Assessment) and they measure students' proficiency on state learning standards. They are taken in the spring of each year. Students in Grades 3, 4, 6, 7 and 9 take an ELA and math assessment (some students in grade 10 may take the NJSLA in math if 10th grade is they first year they are taking Algebra I). Students in grades 5 and 8 take ELA, math and science. Students in grade 11 also take an NJSLA science assessment. In addition, the state has added a new (as of Spring 2022) graduation assessment, called the NJGPA, taken by all 11th graders in ELA and Math. Proficiency on this assessment is required for high school graduation. However, if students are not proficient on the NJGPA, there are other pathways they can follow to still demonstrate proficiency and meet graduation requirements. For more information on the NJSLA, NJGPA and other state assessments, please click here.