• School issued. Sold in locker rooms. -$20.00
    • Blue mesh gym shorts “Woodstown Physical Education Department logo” 
    • Orange t-shirt “Woodstown Physical Education Department logo”
    • Sweats, warm-ups in cooler weather (uniform must be worn under sweats)
    • Socks and rubber sole sneakers
    • It is recommended that the students place their name on their uniform.
    • NO jewelry is permitted.
    • Lockers will only be used during the PE period.  All locks must be removed at the end of the period. Students must bring their own locks. 
    • It is required that all valuables be locked in the locker.  We can’t be responsible for lost or stolen items or uniforms.  This must be done before you exit the locker room to go to class.
    • Students must come to class on time. The doors are locked when the bell rings.  
    • Students who are late to squad lines impact the entire class.  This disruption to instructional time will cause the late student to lose five points from his/her participation grade.
    • At the end of class, students must remain in the locker room until the passing bell rings.
    Grades are distributed as follows:
    Participation  40%
    Preparation                30%
    Written Assessments        20%
     Skill Observation 10%
    A = (100-93%)
    B = (92-84%)
    C = (83-77%)
    D = (76-70%)
    F = (69% - BELOW)
    A “NO JEWELRY” policy has always been in place and is strictly enforced.  The issues of safety and exposure to blood and blood borne pathogens are the basis of the policy.  
    No student wearing jewelry of any kind will be permitted to participate in class.  Covering jewelry with tape or band- aids will not make an exception to the rule.
    • Consider getting new piercings over the summer or while in Health.
    • Temporary medical excuses for illness are issued from the nurse for 1–3 days with a note from a parent/guardian. 
    • Excuses for 4 or more days require a doctor’s note.  
    • Students will be required to complete an assignment when medically excused.
    The gymnasium is a classroom, and as with other classroom settings, the following rules are enforced:
    • No cell phones/ headphones/I pods
    • No food/drink/gum
    • No behavior that could interfere with teaching and learning will be tolerated.
    Physical Education I, II, III & IV are phases of education that strives to promote, through total body movement, the health and general welfare of all students, and to guide them in being more effective individuals physically, mentally, and socially.
    The Physical Education program will consist of:
    • Instruction in and knowledge of a variety of types of activities such as, individual sports, individual and conditioning exercises, rhythms, lifetime and recreation activities and team sports.
    • Learning the fundamentals and rules of these activities.
    • Learning practical safety and health essentials.
    The Woodstown Physical Education Department believes that an organized and structured Physical Education program can help improve the overall health of your children by:
    • Improving cardiovascular endurance and flexibility
    • Improving muscular strength and power
    • Enhancing weight control
    • Enhancing bone development and posture
    • Enhancing skillful movement
    • Encouraging active healthy habits and constructive use of leisure time.
        Woodstown High School
    Health and Physical Education Department
    Mrs. Virginia Grossman
    Mr. Rich Senor
    Department Supervisor
    Mr. Joe Ursino
    Department Members
    Mr. Zachary Garren
    Mr. Doug Hathaway
    Mr. Darren Huck
    Ms. Susan Massara
    Mrs. Shelley Mealey
    Physical Education 
    Rules and Regulations
    High School
    Students will achieve total wellness and a lifetime commitment to being healthy.