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    What is Chemistry Club?
    Chemistry Club is meant to have WHS students plan and enjoy a variety of chemistry and science focused activities. These activities include the following:
    - demonstrations or experiments that are not normally performed or conducted in chemistry class
    - celebrate Mole Day (October 26) and National Chemistry Week (October)
    - invite guest speakers who work in the field of or in related fields of chemistry 
    - participation in various community events (i.e. Woodstown Fall Festival Scarecrow Contest, St. Joseph's Christmas Trees on Parade)
    - participation in the Kids Inquiry Conference at Salem County Community College
    Current Officers for 2019-2020:
    President: Lauren Gao
    Vice President: Ethan Rust
    Secretary: Mackenzie Rattigan
    Treasurer:  Shane Love
    Fire Bubbles 2019 (grrr, technology, what can't I rotate these??)
    Fire Bubbles 2019   Fire Bubbles 2019
    KIC Girls 2016     KIC Boys 2016  
    Kids Inquiry Conference 2016
     Leah Nicole 2015 Jose Brenda Katie Christina
     Kids Inquiry Conference 2015 
    Ornaments Christmas Tree 2014 Christmas Tree Skirt Decorating Ornaments  
    St. Joseph's Christmas Trees on Parade 2014
    Scarecrow 2014  
    Woodstown Fall Festival 2014