Bullying in any form (physical, verbal, mental, or cyber
    bullying) is not tolerated at Woodstown Middle School.
    If you see someone who is being bullied, please complete the anonymous form above. 
    All claims made about bullying are handled quickly (within state
    mandated time allotments). If a case is not found to be a "bullying" case
    per se, it could be due to one of the following.
    There are terms that students and parents need to understand: Teasing, Mean, and bullying.
    Teasing is when a friend "jokes" with another friend. He/She is
    not purposely trying to hurt anyone's feelings.
    Being mean is when a friend says something that he/she knows
    will hurt someone's feelings. This is not done repetitively,
    Bullying is defined as saying or intimidating (an
    imbalance of power) someone repeatedly and
    In addtion, the state also adds, bullying is...
    "Reasonably perceived [bullying] as being
    motivated either by any actual or perceived
    characteristic, such as race, color, religion,
    ancestry, national origin, gender, sexual
    orientation, gender identity and expression, or a
    mental, physical or sensory [handicap] disability,
    or by any other distinguishing characteristic…"

    Most of the time, after speaking with the students, many issues come up





    as conflicts. This is when friendly teasing goes too far. Feelings are hurt,





    etc. These are handled accordingly.



    We teach kids the differences



    between teasing and bullying, and how to



    make sure it never gets to be



    a bullying issue. 



    Every time I go into any



    classroom, we review what



    bullying is.


    We have also been working on



    Kindness campaigns to



    encourage students to be kind to each other. See



    also SEL work for the