• Honors US History I
    The Honors US History program demands considerable student involvement in the evaluation and study of history.  Students need to think critically and analyze historical information.  Students will be expected to generate scholarly analysis through writing, oral presentation and the use of technology. This course is offered for the student with a strong understanding of American history who desires serious study of modern America in detail. It provides a study of the many events in our history from the Reconstruction era to the causes of World War II.  Emphasis is placed on the effects the Reconstruction era had on the Women’s Suffrage movement of the 1920s and the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s, and how the expansion of our nation into an industrial power made the U.S. a world power militarily, politically, and economically. Students will be required to complete advanced level independent research projects in the course. An on-line textbook will be used in this course.