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    Our curriculum has been designed to align with the New Jersey Student Learning Standards.  Please click on the link below to view the Common Core Standards for grade 2.
    Language Arts Literacy Standards - NJSLS ELA Grade 2
    Math Standards - NJSLS Math Grade 2
    SMALL GROUP READING INSTRUCTION - Students will be immersed in text at their individual reading level, 4 days a week, for 40 minutes a day.  During this time, students will be guided and instructed through text at their level focusing on fluency, comprehension, inferencing, and vocabulary development.  The goal during these sessions is for the students to gain independence at their level in order that they can continue to move through the reading levels throughout the year.  These groups are fluid, meaning that students may move into and out of these groups as they make individual progress.  
    SHARED READING - During shared reading, students will all be working on the same text regardless of their level.  In some instances, shared reading books may be at a child's individual reading level and at others, they may even be above their reading level.  The teacher, during this time however, will guide instruction in such a way that all students are able to understand and enjoy the text.  It is important for students to be exposed to text at many different levels.  During shared reading, students will learn essential skills such as plot development, how characters change over time, the central theme or idea of a story while still developing fluency, comprehension  and vocabulary skills. We will begin the year with Frog and Toad as our shared reading as it relates to Friendship.  We will then move on to Charlotte's Web.  In marking period 2, our shared reading will be centered around Fairy Tales.  
    READ ALOUD - During read aloud time, students will have the opportunity to hear the teacher read text using articulation and emotion.  They will have the chance to transfer the skills and ideas they are working on in shared reading to the text being shared during read aloud.  This allows students to apply and synthesize the concepts they are being taught while enjoying a really good story.  We will begin the year with the read aloud "The Energy Bus" and "First Day Jitters."  We will then read "The World According to Humphrey".
    WRITING - This year, we will be using a Writer's Workshop Model where students will be writing at their own pace.  Students will be exposed to certain skills through "mini lessons" and then sent out to the workshop to apply these skills.  In Second Grade, one of the main writing goals for students is to be able to write for a suspended period of time, so we will be working on building stamina.  By the END of second grade, students should be able to write for 15-20 minutes.  We will focus on having students develop a beginning, middle and end to each story and use 1 use of dialogue per section.  We will also focus on transition words like "then" and "finally" this year.  Our "FORMAL" pieces of writing this year will be a narrative, opinion and informational writing.  In addition however we will incorporate family journals - each Friday, students will write a letter to families about their week.  We will then ask parents to write back to them over the weekend.  In addition, students will keep a photo scrapbook in which they write about one major event from the month.
    MATH -  In math this year, we will be focusing on the following topics - place value through thousands, comparing and ordering numbers to 999, skip counting by 5's, 10's and 100's, reading and writing numbers in both standard and word form, addition and subtraction facts through 20, measuring length, telling time on both an analog and digital clock, working with money using pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters and dollars and writing amounts using both the dollar and cent sign.  Students will also read and create bar graphs and solve problems involving one and or two steps to get to the answer. We will use PMI as our primary math resource this year.  
    SCIENCE  -  In science this year, students will focus on making observations, recording observations to note changes over time as well as learning the scientific method.  Much of our science content will also be reenforced through our reading of science topics.  Our topics of study in science this year include - butterflies, spiders, soils, and dinosaurs.
    SOCIAL STUDIES - Social studies in grade 2 focuses on early American History.  Students will begin with the Native Americans, Mayflower and Colonial America and then lead into famous Americans and finally end the year with the American Revolution.  Students will also participate in a culminating end of the year patriotic assembly in celebration of Flag Day.  
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