• In Second Grade, homework should take NO MORE THAN 20 minutes per night!  At this age, our children still need plenty of rest, play and exercise!
    Students will be required to:
    Read 15 minutes per night- 4 nights per week.  Baggie Books will come home each night Monday through Thursday.  Students will choose books at their individual reading level, each day as needed. Students who finish a book, will choose new books each morning and prepare their bags for nightly homework.  After reading for 15 minutes each evening, students will be asked to record their reading in their agenda book and signed by a parent/guardian. 
     Math Homework - Student will be assigned a 5 minute math assignment each night, Monday through Thursday.  Some nights this may be a practice page to reenforce a skill we are working on in class.  Other nights, it may be to work on math addition or subtraction facts or a problem solving opportunity.  
    Our 2nd Graders WILL be using agenda books this year.  Each morning, I will list homework assignments and the children will copy them into their agenda.  I will then stamp the agenda so that families know that what is copied into the agenda is in fact the homework. I ask that a parent or guardian initial the agenda book each evening.