• Weekly Homework:

    Math - EnVision 

    Our class will complete all math homework assignments in class, so homework will only be assigned if it is not completed in class.  However, students are required to practice their facts every night (multiplication and division).  First they should start with multiplication and when they have those down, move on to division.  It will take some practice, but pretty soon they will be fact whizzes!  Please follow the math facts timeline for the facts to be studied each month.



    Students are only required to read for 20 minutes a night and record it in their agenda books.  

    Science and Social Studies 

    Typically we will not have science or social studies homework unless we don't get to finish something important during the day.

    Girl homework Boy Homework

    Events to Look Forward To:


    KIC (Kids Inquiry Conference held in January at Salem County Community College) is a very exciting event to look forward to.  

    Civics Project Information

    All third grade classes will be completing a civics project this year.  They will choose a service project to complete and make a poster showing all of their hard work.  This will be due in March.  This is a great way to help out our community and have fun at the same time.