• Grading Policy, Checklists, and Rubrics

    * = 4      
    V+ = 3    
    V = 2       

    V- = 1     

    Used for answering an open-ended response

    (Only the first line of a paragraph)
    2 points if indented

    (Introduce readers to the topic using words from the question)
    2 point if restated clearly
    1 point if an attempt was made to restate but may be awkward

    (Answer the question in a sentence)
    2 points if answered clearly
    1 point if an attempt was made to answer but may be awkward or unclear

    For example
    (Give at least 3 appropriate examples)
    2 points if 3 examples or reasons
    1 point if gave 2 or 1 example or reason why

    Tie it all together
    (Closing sentence)
    2 points if clearly tied it all together
    1 point if made an attempt to tie it all together

    (Check that your writing makes sense and your punctuation, spelling, grammar, etc.)
    2 points if reread and edited to fix mistakes
    1 point if made some attempt to edit

    Show final score in this area 0-12 points

    Writer's Checklist :

    Stayed on Topic
    Has a Good Beginning
    Has a Good Closing
    Used WOW words
    Included Details

    Story Writing:

    Beginning, Middle, & End

    Set the Scene: How does the main character try to solve the problem? What is the solution?
    When? Eventually...
    Who? First...but... Finally...
    Problem? Next...but... At Last...

    Steps of the Scientific Method:
    Think of a problem.
    Make a hypothesis.
    Plan the experiment (Materials and Procedure)
    Conduct the experiment.
    Record the data.
    Analyze the data.
    Make a conclusion.