For AP Physics 1, we use the textbook “College Physics” by Knight, Jones & Field. The book has an online component that we will use for all HW, as well as an occasional quiz and some tests. After you have logged onto to the website, you may also download the app so that you can do some of the online work on your phones.
    There is a Summer Assignment which will take you through an introduction to the online software, as well as walk you through the first couple of units.  This will be supplied at the Summer Work meeting in June.  The summer units should be a review of material learned during Junior Year Physics.  
    There will be 2 projects during the class due at the end of the year.  An Independent Research & Presentation Project, where you will choose a topic that you have an interest in and investigate the Physics involved.  There will also be a Cardboard boat Project that will be done in groups.  Each group supplying two members to paddle their boat back and forth in a pool for 10 minutes, or until declared sunk.  
    The following units will be covered:
    Unit 1: Represeting Motion
    Unit 2: Motion in One Dimension
    Unit 3: Vectors and MOtion in Two Dimensions
    Unit 4: Forces and Newton's Laws of Motion
    Unit 5: Applying Newton's Laws
    Unit 6: Circular Motion, Orbits, and Gravity
    Unit 7: Rotational Motion
    Unit 8: Equilibrium and EWlasticity
    Unit 9: Momentum
    Unit 10: Energy & Work
    Unit 11(Ch. 14): Oscillations 
    Unit 12(Ch. 15): Traveling waves and Sound
    Unit 13(Ch. 20): Electric Fields and Forces
    Unit 14(Ch. 22): Current & Rsistance
    Unit 15(Ch. 23): Circuits
     Additional Information and help can be found at www.NJCTL.org