I & RS stands for Intervention and Referral Services
    When a parent, teacher or the team feel(s) that a student is showing signs that he or she may need more help, teachers will then refer a student to this team of teachers and our principal.
    In bi-monthly meetings, we will discuss ways to help your child in class. Sometimes, helping the student is very easy. Other times. it takes more time to find the solution. If we are discussing your student, you will be invited to attend our next meeting. Your input is invaluable to us!
    Our I & RS team for 2021-2022
    Kim Micale, School Counselor, I & RS Coordinator
    Michelle Spaventa, WMS Principal

    Jenni McBride, School Psychologist and MS Case Manager

     Jennifer Kelly, ELA Team Leader, 8th grade ELA teacher

    Gary Lowden, Math/Science Team Leader, 8th grade Math teacher  

    Sharon Krementz, 7th grade Social Studies teacher
    Shirley Serwan, 8th grade SE teacher 
    Tabatha Griffith, 6th grade Social Studies teacher
    If you would like your child to be assessed for additional services, please complete this form:
    Please note, you will be asked to attend the meeting where your child is discussed. This can be done in person, virtually, or via phone.