• Fourth Grade Recorder Information

    Fourth Grade classes learn to play recorders each year as part of the Fourth Grade Music curriculum. Students learn to read musical notation from the staff and work on improvising and composing music for the recorder. Students will also participate in a practicing incentive program called Recorder Karate. A letter with detailed information about the recorder program has been sent home with students, but you may also download the letter here: Recorder Letter

    Students are provided with a recorder that will need to be returned at the end of the school year to be sterilized for next year's 4th graders (this is a change from previous years). Students are responsible for the care of their recorder. Loss or damage of the recorder will result in a fine of $2.50 to cover the cost of replacing the instrument.

    Students are provided with a music folder that we will use for recorder study. They are expected to bring the folder to music class each week. If your child loses his/her music folder, he/she should ask Mrs. Nowmos for another copy of the music (however, you will need to provide your own folder to keep it in). The music may also be downloaded here: 4th Grade Recorder Book. Students are expected to practice about 5 minutes per day, 5 days each week at home.
    Additionally, we have a few new safety precautions we need to follow this year due to the situation with COVID-19. Students will only be permitted to play recorders outside while socially distanced and using protective coverings for the end of the recorder and the window below the mouthpiece (these will be provided). When weather doesn't permit us to practice outside, we will work on other skills in the classroom (fingerings, note reading, etc.). Students are thus encouraged to practice at home so that they continue to develop their skills even if we're unable to play the recorders in a given week. If students blow into their recorders while inside the school building, they will be asked to put them away for the remainder of the lesson. Students who are 100% virtual or have music class on Virtual Wednesday may of course play at home without these restrictions. 
    Also, be sure to scroll down the page to access some helpful instructional videos to help with practicing at home. Good luck with the recorder, and happy practicing!

    Recorder Videos
    Here is an instructional video made by a music teacher at another school explaining how to hold the recorder and blow into it. Producing a great sound on the recorder is the first step toward success with playing songs!


    Here is a video explaining how to clean your recorder. Taking care of your instrument is an important part of learning how to play!


    Practice videos for our Recorder Karate belt testing songs are included below. To expand a video to a larger size so that you can see the music notation better, click on the "full screen" button in the bottom right corner of the video after pressing play. 

     Instructional Video for "Leaves Are Falling Down" (White Belt song #1)


    "Leaves Are Falling Down" with accompaniment (White Belt song #1)


    Instructional Video for "Pierrot" (White Belt song #2)


    "Pierrot" with accompaniment (White Belt song #2) 


    Instructional Video for "Yangtze Boatman's Chantey" (Yellow Belt song #1) 

     "Yangtze Boatman's Chantey" with accompaniment (Yellow Belt song #1)

     "I Got a Letter" with accompaniment (Yellow Belt song #2) 

    "Chatter with the Angels" with accompaniment (Green Belt song #1) 

    "Hey, Hey, What Do You Say?" with accompaniment (Red Belt song #1)  

     "Down in the Meadow" with accompaniment (Red Belt song #2) 

     "Let Us Chase the Squirrel" with accompaniment (Black Belt song #1)  

    "Ode to Joy" with accompaniment (Black Belt song #2)