• Woodstown-Pilesgrove Non-Resident Tuition FAQ’s


    • Is there an application process?

      Yes, the application is available online. Once received the student will then be interviewed by a school administrator or designee.

    • Is there a time frame for the application submission process?

      Yes, we are currently accepting applications for tuition students for the 2023-2024 school year.

    • What grades will be open to accepting tuition students?

      All grade levels depending on available seats.

    • How much will tuition be?
      Tuition is subject to a 2% increase each year to commensurate with the annual 2% local tax levy increase.

      2022-2023 - $9,190.00
      2023-2024 - $9,190.00

    • Do tuition students need to provide their own transportation?


    • Will tuition students with special needs be accepted?

      Yes but the cost for all accommodations will be figured into the tuition cost for that student.

    • Can WPRSD be selective in who they choose to accept?

      Yes as part of the application process the students must demonstrate that they are in good standing at their home school. We cannot discriminate based on gender, race, religion, creed, or sexual orientation.

    • Will students with special talents in extra-curricular activities get preferential acceptance status?


    • If applications exceed available spaces what will be the process on who gets accepted?

      After the application deadline if requests exceed available seats it will be by lottery. If the original submissions within the deadline exceed available seats then it will also be by lottery.

    • Will tuition students be able to participate in all school activities such as plays, marching bands, etc.?


    • Will there be any restrictions to participate in athletics?

      Up through 9
      th grade, there are no restrictions. After 9th grade, they will have to abide by NJSIAA guidelines regarding such. (www.njsiaa.org)

    • Will the tuition students be included in GPA and Class Rank?


    • Can a tuition student be asked to leave WPRSD?

      Yes for poor academic performance, discipline infractions, and not paying tuition among others. The termination decision will be made by the Superintendent based on a recommendation by the student's Principal.

    • Will a tuition student need to maintain a certain academic standing, GPA, etc.?

      Recommended and to be determined.

    • Will a tuition student have all the rights and privileges of resident and sending district students? 

      Yes, with the exception of rights afforded regarding removal from school and not including transportation.