FARM Folder. Cover 
       FARM, (Focused, And, Really Motivated), folders are the primary source of daily communication between myself and our families.  Students will be given their FARM folder on the first day of school and will be expected to bring them back and forth between home and school each day!  Homework as well as all important papers will be transported back and forth to school in the FARM Folder. 
    What is inside the FARM folder?  
       Page 1 -  Behavior Calendar and STARS behavior policy.  - Each day students will track their behavior using a "clip" system.  Everyone will start on "Green".  Positive behavior will earn their clip moved up to orange OR blue.   Behavior that does not follow the rules will result in their clip being moved down to Yellow, Purple or Red.  Students will have opportunities all day long to move their clip.  At the end of each school day, whatever color their clip is on, will be stamped on their behavior calendar.  I ask that parents/guardians initial the behavior calendar nightly.  In addition, on their calendar, important school events are listed, class birthdays and the letter of the day. 
    September Calendar                 
    Page 2 - HELPFUL ITEMS - This page is designed to help families with daily routines - like what time does school start?  What is Mrs. Battaglia's e-mail or extension? What time is lunch or recess? And what time are students dismissed on early dismissal days?  
                FEAT Folder Helpful Items
    Page 3 - Class List and District Calendar - Need to know how many students are in our class or write birthday invitations or valentines?  Our class list will be conveniently located on page 3.  On the back of our class list is a district calendar for 2022-2023 in order that you can keep track of days off, conferences, etc.  
                     2017-2018 Calendar
    Page 5 - Daily Communication Notes - Have a question or concern?  Want to just give us some important information?  Page 5 will contain a communication form for you to jot down the date and your message.  I will check these every day and get back to you.  You are of course, also welcome to e-mail or call with questions or concerns.  
    Daily Communication Notes