• Mrs. Rybyinski's Classroom Rules and Procedures

    1.   Common courtesy and respect for your fellow students and myself is expected at all times.  Use appropriate language; no put downs, teasing, or other inappropriate words.

    2.    No student is to get out of his/her seat without permission. This includes sharpening pencils, throwing out trash during class, and charging cell phones. Students must remain seated until the bell rings. This means no lining up at the door. You may leave your seat when the bell rings.

    3.  In order to maximize success, students are urged to use the bathroom before or after class and sparingly during class.  Only one student will be allowed out of the classroom at a time and at the discretion of the teacher.  Students will be required to sign out via E-Hallpass each time they leave the classroom (for bathroom, nurse, main office, etc.).  I will accept the past, but you must create one! I will not create one for you. Please also do not create a pass when I am giving direct instruction (ie, lecture, directions, etc.). I will NOT accept it then!  No student will be allowed to use the bathroom during the first or last 5 minutes of class.

    4.   School issued Chromebooks are the only device you should be using during class. The use of cell phones, airpods, and other devices during class without permission will result in disciplinary action. They should be turned off and placed in your backpack.

    5.   Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself. Inappropriate or disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.  Behavior ill suited to the classroom will result in a warning and possibly a teacher detention.  Chronic problems will lead to parental involvement and administrative referral.

    6.   Be in class and in your ASSIGNED seat on time with all materials ready to work.  Class will begin promptly at the scheduled time.  The bell is not a signal to find your seat but a signal for class to begin.  To be successful, you should already be in your seat with your materials in order ready to go!