• Grading Policies and Standards Aligned Grading 
    Student performance will be assessed on a total point system using the following categories: 

       A. Content 
       B. Historical Application 
       C. 21st Century Skills (Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Creativity, Communication) 

    All the points you earn from the three categories (Content, Application and 21st Century Skills) will be added together for the marking period.  Your total points will then be divided by the total number of points possible for the marking period and that will be your final marking period grade.
    Content - 115/130
    Application - 105/130
    21st Century Skills - 85/90
    Total - 305/350
    Final Marking Period Grade = 87% 

    Standards Aligned Grading in History FAQ

    Why are we piloting Standards Aligned Grading?

    Standards Aligned Grading strives to provide feedback about what students are doing well and what students need to improve upon. When strengths and weakness are known, it is easier to develop a personalized plan for helping students achieve at a higher level. The categories are designed to help show what each student’s strengths and weaknesses are.

    What are the categories?

    Instead of using assignment types such as tests, quizzes, and homework, grades instead use the specific type of task the student is accomplishing as the basis. The three categories we will be using are Content, Historical Application, and 21st Century Skills (Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Creativity, and Cooperation). These categories translate to what do you know, what can you do with what you know, how well can you use communication to learn and show what you have learned, and how well can you function in a 21st century work environment.

    How are grades calculated?

    The three categories are weighted much in the same way as tests, quizzes, and homework were weighted in years past. The major difference is that you will see multiple grades per assignment depending on what the assignment asks the student to accomplish and how they accomplish it.

    What if I have additional questions?

    Please do not hesitate to get in touch. Email is the best way, but I also check my voicemail regularly too!  
    Retake Policy 

    Social Studies PLC Unit Assessment Retake Policy

    1.  Student must have all homework/review assignments pertaining to the unit assessment completed before the original unit assessment is taken in order to have the opportunity for a retake.

    2.  Student must complete an additional assignment given by the teacher.

    3.  Student must have a mandatory meeting with the teacher prior to the retake.

    4.  Any student will be given one opportunity for a retake per marking period.  Orange and Blue Renaissance Card holders will be eligible for a second retake per marking period.

    5.  The retake must be completed within one week of when the original assessment was handed back to the student.

    6.  The retake will be graded for full credit.

    7.  No retakes will be allowed in advanced placement courses.


    Failure to Complete Assignment Procedures (FTCA)

    Monday - Thursday: 2:40pm-3:20pm in various rooms throughout the building

    Intervention Process When Students Come to Class Without an Assignment:

    1.     Determine if the student needs academic support to complete assignment.

    2.     Inform student that they will have 5 school days to complete and turn in the assignment for full credit; otherwise they will receive a zero.  Please make sure that they are fully aware of the day that it is due before they will receive the zero.

    3.     Place a zero in PowerSchool with a comment indicating that the assignment was missing and will be accepted for full credit until 5 school days have past.

    4.     Submit Log Entry for failure to complete assignment as per the requested format (see below).

    When submitting the log entry, please use this format: (please be specific when listing the assignment)

    FTCA – [assignment] – [academic support?] – [write up] – [final due date before zero will be assigned]


    FTCA – pg 255 #1-15 in Geometry textbook – student doesn’t need academic support to complete assignment – Bill didn’t complete the homework that was assigned last night.  Assignment is due by 10/15 before a grade of zero will be assigned.

    5.     Call/email parents that day to let them know that their child has been written up for an academic detention because they came to class without the assignment completed and will have 5 school days to turn it in for full credit.  If they do not turn it in by the end of the 5 school day grace period, then they will receive a zero.

    6.     Assistant Principal will meet with the student and assign them an academic detention.

    7.     If assignment is completed within the 5 school day grace period, it is graded for full credit, but the student must still serve the academic detention.