problem solving; applying what was learned; know how to use what you have learned


    (ques) Sue has four times the amount of pencils as Ben. Write an equation to find the number of pencils.

    *4n + n = total pencils ✓

    *4n x n  = total pencils ✗

    Points will be assigned as per the length of the problem; completion of a problem using processes





    know what equation to use; following an algorithm/ methodology / definitions / Theorems- postulates-conjectures / rules

    (ques.) Find the midpoint of (3,-6) and (-5,2).


    *Students know to use the midpoint formula  ✓

    *Students mistakenly use distance formula ✗

    Usually 1 point for using the correct process, definition, theorem or method; most multiple choice/true-false questions will be worth 1 point




    math facts; are you able to apply your math facts to solve the problem correctly; is your final answer right or wrong?



    *3 x 4 = 12 ✓

    *5 x 7 = 30 ✗


     1 point for correct computations within a process/problem




    21st certury skills

    (collaboration, communication, creativity)


    working through a problem in a group; giving an explanation with an answer; is the answer/solution clear?


    Explain why you choose that process for the question above. Are you able to work in a group and contribute constructively?


    Points awarded according size of assignment