•  General Course Description and Objectives:

    This class is a non-performance course that explores the elements and history of Rock and Roll, beginning with its roots in the 1940s, and moving through to our current trends.  It encourages students to view music as an ingredient of the student’s own life, and of human life in all cultures.  It uses history as a resource for understanding of how this music explosion fulfilled basic human purposes in its early stages, and present times.  Content is divided between music history and a study of musical elements through musical literature. 

    Materials Needed:

    Each student is required to maintain a notebook AND to have a pencil/paper to use in class daily.

    Course Assessment Plan:

    Assessments will be rubric-based on the following four (4) categories:

    Content, Performing/Presenting/Producing, Responding, Connecting

    Benchmark Assessments will be used in varying forms, such as written/listening tests, and/or projects


    Attendance and Tardy Policies:


    Students will adhere to the policies as set forth in the WHS Student Agenda                                                                   

    Assignments which are missed due to absence are to be completed upon return.  All other missed work will be managed by the teacher and student on a case-by-case basis.


    Academic Goals:


    All students will:


    •Respond emotionally and intelligently to a wide range of music representative of many styles and cultures;

    •Understand the social uses of music and to value music accordingly;

    •Recognize music as an important marker of its time and culture;

    •Develop knowledge and understanding of, and respect for, superlative human musical achievements; and

    •Acquire an overview of their own musical heritage and learn why music is an essential ingredient of all human cultures