Degrees and Certifications:

Health and P.E.

Standards Based Grading in Health and P.E.
Standards based grading


Report card grades for Health and Physical Education reflect the students' progress towards meeting our state and national standards in Health and Physical Education. Students can earn a 4, 3, 2, or 1 and these numbers indicate:


4: Exceeds standards. Extends concepts, processes, and skills. Consistently works beyond grade-level benchmarks.

3: Achieves standards. Consistently grasps and applies concepts, processes, and skills. Successfully meets grade-level benchmarks.

2: Approaching standards. Beginning to grasp and apply concepts, processes, and skills. Progressing toward benchmarks.

1: Needs support. Not grasping concepts, processes, and essential skills. Area of concern that requires support.



The students are assessed on a variety of skills and activities to determine their grade. Physical Education is primarily a performance-based subject, and the skills and activities are assessed using the state and national standards that are applicable to the respective skill or activity. Some examples of skills and activities that are assessed are:


The students are assessed in Health Education using a variety of different assessment tools. Some of these include: writing samples, project based, teacher observations, skill checklists, and small group work.



Particiaption and Behavior grading


Students are also assessed weekly on their participation; including effort, cooperation, and ability to follow directions. The students' progress in demonstrating these behaviors will be indicated on the report card with the following descriptors: