Standards Based Grading
  • The Mary S. Shoemaker School utilizes a standard based reporting system for grades Prekindergarten through second.  The format of the report card allows us to define standards for each grade level and determine how well students perform on the established benchmarks of the curriculum.  Our curriculum is ever changing and constantly being revised; therefore, our report card will be changing over time as well.


    A standards based report card benefits students, teacher, and parents; it allows students to be more aware of their progress, it gives teachers a better understanding of what each child should know and be able to do at each grade level, and it gives a more detailed outline of the expectations for parents.  We believe that your understanding of what I expected of your child and how well he or she is progressing toward the benchmark level is very important as we work together this year.


    Some frequently asked questions about Standards-Based Reporting


    What is the purpose of the report card?

    The purpose of the Standards-Based Report Card is to provide more detailed feedback to parents regarding the progress their children aremaking toward specific learning standards at the grade level.  This type of report card allows parents and students to understand more clearly what is expected of students and how to help them be successful in a rigorous academic program.


    How does the Standards-Based Report Card compare to the letter grade system?

    Letter grades measure a summative or comparative score on a report card.  The Standards-Based Report Card measures how well an individual student is doing in relation to the grade level standard and expectations.


    How frequently will report cards be distributed?

    Report cards are distributed three times per year; two of the three trimesters will include a parent-teacher conference to review your child’s progress.


    How will the performance levels be determined?

    Subject level standards are set for each grade level by the New Jersey Department of Education.  Students’ abilities to meet the learning standards will be determined by both their oral and written work.  During the first marking period, we expect students to develop and progress toward the learning standard. As the year progresses, students will begin to meet and even  exceed the standards