• Instructor Information - Room 128


    Dr. Eric M. Fizur, J.D.

      - Bachelor of Arts, Lafayette College (History, Government & Law)

      - Juris Doctor, Quinnipiac University (Criminal Law & Advocacy Concentration)


    About Me

    A lifelong Salem County resident, I currently live in Elsinboro with my wife, Becky; three kids, Makayla, Jaxson, and Wyatt; and four pets. Cats: Mama, Chubby, and Bandit. Dog: Petunia P. Fizur

    I attended Lafayette for college and finished with a double major in Government & Law and History, graduating in 2006. While at Lafayette, I played football for two years until injuries caused me to stop, at which point I worked for the team as a student film coordinator. After graduating from Lafayette, I attended law school at Quinnipiac University, where I graduated in 2009 with Honors in my concentration of Criminal Law & Advocacy. After passing the bar and a brief stint in the legal field clerking for a judge, where I was trained as a mediator, I decided that I needed to return to my first love, education. I have worked and taught in classrooms from Pre-K to College, and have coached football and track & field along the way.

    Presently, at Shoemaker, I teach in the Behavior Resource room, Grades 2-5, as well as mentor students within the building as needed. I look forward to coming to work each day and watching my students learn and grow. Of course, in my room, we always RAOK each day!


    A Few of My Favorite Things

    Color: Green

    Food: My wife's Chicken Salad

    Book: Sarum by Edward Rutherford

    Movie: Groundhog Day

    Song: Everlong - The Foo Fighters

    Band: The Beatles

    Store: Smick Lumber

    Fast Food: Shake Shack

    Hobbies: Reading, Lifting Weights, Hiking, Coaching

    Season: Fall

    Sport: Track & Field, Football, Strongman Competitions

    Drink: Coffee, Black Coffee

    Candy: York Peppermint Patty

    Exercise: Kettlebell

    Superhero: Thor


    Random Facts About Me

    For your assistance in STARS Assemblies

    Height: 6'7"

    Weight: 405 lbs

    Shoe Size: 14 4E

    High School: Salem (with Mrs. Wygand)

    Harry Potter House: Gryffindor (Per Pottermore Website)

    Number of times I read the Harry Potter series start to finish: 17

    Favorite Harry Potter Character: Sirius Black

    Favorite Harry Potter Book: Order of the Phoenix

    Favorite Place to Visit: A quiet hiking trail

    Most Awkward Moment of my Life: That time I almost knocked Mike Trout over in the locker room