• These rules are posted for your reference. You are deemed to have constructive knowledge of these rules, therefore claims of innocence stemming from ignorance shall be dismissed with prejudice. Additionally, the legal doctrine of res judicata applies, as well as, the doctrines of res ipsa loquitur and res ipso facto. All appeals may be referred to the Appellate Division to be heard at said Court’s discretion. Until a stay is granted or a decision is reversed, all decisions are final and remain in full force and effect.

    1. This class is a Benevolent Dictatorship, NOT a Democracy.
      1. Keep this in mind if there is a dispute regarding the rules. I rule by fiat, not the consent of the governed
    2. Students Are To Abide By The Rules Contained In the Code of Conduct
    3. Be Respectful And Courteous At All Times
      1. To Staff, Peers, School Property, and Yourself
      2. I will treat you will the respect by which you treat me
      3. In the event you fail to demonstrate respect and/or courtesy, the appropriate disciplinary action will be taken
      4. T. Ford Rule - No Singing Allowed… Ever...
    4. Upon Entering The Room
      1. Take Your Seat
      2. Read Instructions on the Board
      3. Follow Said Instructions
      4. And be ready to commence class once the late bell sounds
        1. Have your binder with assignments at your seat, ready to commence work
    5. Follow All Instructions As Given
      1. Modification of an assignment will result in it being discarded unless prior approval for said modification is granted
    6. Raise Your Hand
      1. If you have a question, wish to comment, need help, or to move from your seat
      2. Do not call out or interrupt the staff or your peers
    7. You May NOT Leave the Classroom Without Permission
      1. This will be considered “cutting the class," and result in a zero (0) for the day
      2. When leaving class with permission, you must return in a reasonable time, otherwise, I will consider this “cutting the class”
    8. Absences
      1. You are responsible for the work you missed. It shall be made up within the time missed if said absence was excused.
      2. For unexcused absences, you have one (1) day to complete makeup work
    9. Computers
      1. You have been assigned a computer and a seat, therefore, you will sit in this location every day.
      2. You will log into the computer only when instructed to do so.
      3. Anyone using a computer without permission shall be disciplined accordingly.
    10. Constructive Absences
      1. The purpose of attending school is to learn, therefore in the event, you are not mentally present in class you will receive a constructive absence.
      2. A constructive absence is a participation grade of zero (0) for the day
      3. A constructive absence will be issued for the following offenses
        1. Cutting class, sleeping, head down (after one request to sit up, using a cellular device, excessive and/or superfluous talking, and off-task behavior on the computer
    11. Late Work
      1. With the exception of makeup work, I do not accept late assignments. You will find that ample time is provided to complete the assignments, therefore once an assignment is late I will no longer accept it. (Late is once the assessment on the topic has been administered)
    12. I Reserve The Right To Alter Or Modify These Rules Anytime I Deem Necessary
      1. Adequate notice  of rule change will be provided
      2. Remember rule number one