•  **During two week closure, see Google Classroom for assignments.

    AP Computer Science will be following the Edhesive's AP Computer Science A Curriculum.  It is based on the College Board's AP CSA course and exam requirements.


    Skills students will learn:

    1.  Designing a program, developing the alogrithms it nees and writing code to implement them.

    2.  Documenting and explaining how program code works.

    3.  Tesing program code and correcting errors.

    The College Course Equivalent for this course is a one-semester introductory college course in computer science.


    Units of Study

    • Course Introduction
    • Unit 1: Introduction to Java
    • Unit 2: Conditionals and Loops
    • Unit 3: Strings and One Dimensional Arrays
    • Unit 4: Methods
    • Unit 5: User-defined Classes
    • Unit 6: Advanced Classes
    • Unit 7: Algorithms
    • Unit 8: Two-Dimensional Arrays
    • Unit 9: AP Exam Prep

     Online Textbook:  Java Textbook

    AP Computer Science A Exam date:  Friday, May 8, 2020



    Total Points will be used for two categories of assignments:
    Content- do students know the meaning of terminology.  Assessed through homework/classwork assignments and quizzes.
    Application - can students apply the knowledge.  Assessed mainly through programming assignments and quizzes.


    Summer Assignment-Assignment