• Receiving the news that the school buildings will continue to be closed is devastating for everyone. The staff members are missing your children’s smiling faces, your kids are missing their friends, and as parents, I am sure you are missing the consistency of school and work. Unfortunately, this is a situation we cannot control, and have to believe it is for our best interest. With that being said, the next skill in building resiliency is optimism. Optimism does not mean that we are happy all the time, but it means that we are able to see the positives in a situation. If we let ourselves go down the hole of negativity, it is extremely difficult to come out. Acknowledging that a situation is hard, but knowing you can get through it, and allowing yourself to have hope, can bring you power. Allowing yourself to be optimistic at this time can be hard, but giving yourself that permission is so significant in how you manage through this current crisis. If you need help and/or support finding optimism, please do not suffer alone. I, along with all of the WPRSD staff, are here to support you. We truly are all in this together so please reach out if there is anything we can do to help. 

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