• 18 crafts for kids - From reading domes to making foams, so many great ideas! 


    Calming Glitter Jar - Kids who come to my office love this glitter bottles! They're very easy to make and can be adapted howeverr you like! 


    Stress balls - I have made these at a few family events, and kids seem to love them! The video says they are juggling balls (which they absolutely can be and that gives you a great opportunity to learn a new hobby!) but I make them as stress balls. I, personally, like to add faces with permanent marker to make them more fun and personalized! 


    How to make slime! - Great for muscle relaxation! 


    How to make a pinwheel - something fun to help with your breathing techniques, or pretty to add to your spring garden! 


    How to make a vision board - a vision board is a fun way to set your goals, and remind yourself to achieve them! 


    How to make a fortune teller. - We do this in my anxiety groups and write positive messages in them. This helps us to not only stop and count when we are feeling anxious, but then to also tell ourselves something encouraging!


    Examples of positive affirmations - you can also use these to make "affirmation cards" and either keep them for yourself, hang on your wall, or give to a friend/family member! 


    Worry Stones - very sensory soothing! 


    Kindness Rocks - it makes us feel better when we spread kindness!