• Woodstown High School Plagiarism Policy ( Section K Handbook)

     Learning requires that students assume full and personal responsibility for their work. Unless otherwise directed, all assignments must be independently completed. Plagiarism is when you present words or ideas of someone else as your own. When you use ideas and information from an outside source for any assignment that is submitted for credit, you must document that source. Any graded assignment (e.g. homework, classwork, tests, quizzes, research projects, etc) that the teacher deems to be plagiarized will result in a 10-point deduction to the grade earned as well as disciplinary action as stated in the Code of Conduct. Any student who lends his/her work to another student or allows another student to copy his/her work is subject to the same consequences. The assignment must be resubmitted within the original time frame for the original assignment after being notified by the teacher that the assignment was plagiarized.