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    Claudia Kranz's
    Achieve Teacher
    Achieve Program
    The Achieve program works with small groups of children to target instruction to their personal needs.  This targets learning to the needs of the students so that work is on the students' level and encourages them to learn and achieve.
    My Teaching Responsibilities 
    I work with fourth grade English/Language arts (reading and writing) and math.
    Things to do at Home
    Reading and discussion of what is read helps develop comprehension.  This is a very important aspect of reading.  It is always beneficial to reread for clarification and making connections.  For math practice, practice math facts.  It is important for students to master the addition and subtraction facts for second grade, and addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts for  fourth grade as they practice in class. 
    About Me
    I have a Bachelor's of Science degree in Elementary Education from SUNY at Geneseo.  I have been teaching at Mary S. Shoemaker School since 1991 in the Achieve Program (formerly called Basic Skills).  I also choreographed the high school musical for 24 years (1992-2015).  I have enjoyed working in Woodstown with the great staff.
    Important Dates
     Achieve Parent Orientation- 
     Achieve Parent-Child Spring program-