• PE and Recess

    Health and Physical Education is an integral, mandated part of the curriculum and will be socially distance during this pandemic.

    • Weather permitting, PE class held in outside space. Weather non-permitting, PE in the Gymnasium is preferred, PE class in classroom if needed
    • Student Cohorts remain intact
    • Sanitization before and after each activity

    Recess (Elementary)

    • Students will go to recess in their cohorts, using the procedures established in school operations regarding movement between the building
    • Students will wash/sanitize their hands before going to recess and before returning to class
    • Games and activities used during recess will be pre-approved as part of the safe list for limiting the spread of infectious disease
    • Equipment will not be shared
    • Specific activity locations will be provided
    • Students will wash/ sanitize their hands before returning to class
    • Social distancing will be practiced while walking to and during recess


Last Modified on January 11, 2021