• The Flamingo Passports will be our positive behavior incentive to make students aware of the classroom expectations, build a sense of responsibility, encourage and motivate positive behaviors, and help foster growth socially and emotionally. All of the children will have the opportunity to earn stamps for positive behaviors each day they are in the classroom. Once a child earns 10 stamps, they will take a trip to the classroom treasure box! We can't wait to SOAR to new levels in Kindergaren and show you all of the progress your child makes as we take on this new adventure! 

    The Smiley Faces will be our class reward system that is designed to emphasize working together as a TEAM. We can't forget, "Teamwork makes the DREAM WORK!" Once our class goal is met, we will celebrate with special activities, crafts, dance parties, show and shares, snacks, and many more fun surprises! 

    The Sight Word List will be an important tool to reference throughout the school year. Please review these words frequently. Your child should be able to identify them in 3-5 seconds without needing to decode them or self-correct. 

    The Flamingo Folder will assist your child with organizational skills and help to maintain effective communication between school and home. Each student will be provided with a special folder that will be sent home every day. Please make sure to review all notices, newsletters, student work, and important papers sent home each day. Please check and empty your child’s folder daily! If you have any important notes or papers that need to be sent into school, please send them inside of the Flamingo Folder. 

    The KINDNESS KORNER is a daily activity or skill that gives us the opportunity to stand tall with KINDNESS! Each day we will end our time together with a “Kindness Korner.” We will be using a Kindness calendar to choose one skill or activity to complete or focus on each day. Each day we will work together to spread kindness by singing, moving, inspiring, loving, and encouraging one another.