• Classroom
    Our class will be utilizing Google Classroom throughout virtual learning. New to Google Classroom? Check out the steps below!
    To Access Google Classroom
    1. Go to www.google.com and login using your child's MSS Google username and password
    2. Click on the 9 dotted icon to pull up Google applications. Choose the green "Classroom" icon.
    3. Find "Mrs. Cundey's Class!"
    To Join the Day's Google Meet
    4. Welcome to my home page or "Stream!" This is now where your child will go to join our class's specific Google Meet link.
    5. Click on this link at 8:30am! If you try to do so before I enter and start the Meet, your child will see the message below. No worries! Just keep refreshing the page until it is ready for you to join!
    To Complete Daily Attendance Form
    6. Scroll down the Stream until you see the "Daily Attendance Form" assignment.
    7. Click on the assignment thumbnail to open it. You can access and complete this same assignment every day.
    To Turn in an Assignment
    8. Click on the assignment once it is completed. Be sure to click the "Turn in" button to submit your work! You may see my feedback underneath in the "private comment section." This is a great way for your child to communicate with me if they need help, have a question, or need to tell me something about their assignment.
    9. Google Classroom color codes classwork. Colored icons indicate the assignment is not completed, whereas gray icons indicate that the assignment IS complete.