Click on Link for a Step by Step on how to log on to Google Classroom:
    Our class will be utilizing Google Classroom throughout virtual learning. New to Google Classroom? Check out the steps below!
    How to Join Google Classroom
    • Step 1: Open your browser and go to www.google.com

    • Step 2: Sign in with your school Google account (i.e. 123456pagesy.b@woodstown.org)

    • Step 3: Click on the 3x3 array


    • Step 4: Locate Classroom and Click it (Hint: You may have to scroll down towards the bottom of the dialog box)


    • Step 5: Click the + button, then choose "Join Class"


    How to Submit Work in Google Classroom
    • When you finish an assignment and close out of it, be sure to press the TURN IN button to officially submit it for review and to receive credit!