• English/Language Arts

    Our ELA curriculum, ReadyGEN, is an integrated literacy program with a balanced literacy approach. The curriculum encompasses:

    • Trade books/Text collection: students engage in multiple close readings/discussions of full-length authentic literary and informational texts
    • Sleuth: during small group, students engage in multiple short readings/discussions of shorter pieces of authentic texts to sharpen their close reading skills; they look for clues, ask questions, make their case and prove it!
    • Independent reading: students select books and practice reading independently with "just right" text

    To find out more about Ready GEN, visit: http://www.pearsonschool.com/index.cfm?locator=PS2eUe&PMDbSiteId=2781&PMDbSolutionId=6724&PMDbSubSolutionId=&PMDbCategoryId=3289&PMDbSubCategoryId=&PMDbSubjectAreaId=&PMDbProgramId=141261


     Our math curriculum, iReady Classroom Mathematics, is a comprehensive Grades K–8 Print and Digital Classroom Math Program that promotes a busy, focused, and collaborative classroom driven by real-world mathematics examples and all the support for meeting students right where they are.  The program follows the Common Core Standards for math closely.

    Click here to learn more: https://www.curriculumassociates.com/programs/i-ready-learning/i-ready-classroom-mathematics-2024


    Social Studies


    Third Grade Social Studies focuses on the following areas:

    • Communities and Geography
    • History and Culture
    • Economics and Resources
    • Government and Civics 


    Third Grade Science focuses on the study of:

    • Life Science: Fossils, Animal Survival and Heredity
    • Life Cycles
    • Plant Life Cycle and Heredity
    • Weather and Climate
    • Forces, Motion and Magnets