• A  major component of the third grade social studies curriculum is citizenship, and during the course of the year your child will need to serve the community in some way and report on the way s/he did this.  Your child will need to complete the project at home during the next few months, and in March present what s/he did through a poster which will be presented to the class and displayed in the hallway for the Mary Shoemaker Curriculum Fair.  The rubric for this poster can be found below.

      In an effort to make this project easier on you and more meaningful to your child we make the following recommendations:

      1.  Take time now to decide with your child what type of project s/he would like to do (projects done with groups such as scouts or churches DO count toward this requirement)

      2.  Plan when the project will be done and be sure to take PICTURES of your child’s experience

      3.  Talk to your child before, during, and after the project about who they are helping and how that impacts our community

      We are assigning this project now because we want the experience to be positive, and, in order for that to happen, it should not be crammed in the night or week before the project is due. For students who put thought, time, and heart into their projects, it is a huge learning experience and self esteem boost for them because they see how they are able to give back to their community.

      Here is a list of projects you may want to consider:

      • Locks of Love

      • Rake leaves, pick up trash, shovel snow

      • Collect items and donate to Ranch Hope or Red Cross

      • Read at the Friends Village

      • Collect canned foods and donate to a food pantry

      You are welcome to choose projects that are not listed but the work must be voluntary and serve someone outside of your home and family.

      *No fliers or pamphlets advertising projects may be distributed through the school.  Also, no supplies may be collected at the school.  Thank you for your understanding and for the assistance that you will provide your child in completing this project!


      The Third Grade Team


      Civics Project Rubric

      Due:  TBA

      ___   Name  – your name must be displayed on the front of your poster
      ___ Title  – Include the name of the service project at the top of your poster in large, clear letters
      ___ Pictures  – Include several pictures of yourself completing your project with captions describing what is going on in the pictures
      ___ Written Response  – The written portion should be in paragraph form separate from the pictures and captions included throughout the poster.  The paragraphs must include a description of:
      • What you did

      • When you completed the project

      • Who it benefited

      • How your efforts helped them

      • How it made you feel

      ___ Oral Presentation - You will be presenting your project to the class.  Your presentation should be well prepared and practiced and you should be able to clearly explain: what you did, when and where, who it benefited and how your efforts helped the community, and how doing the community service made you feel.

      “How much should I help my child?”

      You should be your child’s “assistant” by helping them arrange the project, helping them gather any materials they might need, discussing with them the answers to the questions they need to include on the poster.  Helping them practice their oral presentation is a good idea as well.  Ultimately it is your child’s words and work on the poster.  

      The work must be voluntary and serve someone outside of your family. 

      **Please do not use thick cardboard posters or large, tri-fold posters for this project; these are very tough to hang up in our hallway :)